Bangkok is by no means an unfamiliar place, yet we always find something new to do each time we visit. A sweet two-hour flight away and we soon found ourselves exploring the city again, searching for new restaurants to eat in, and new places to visit.

We wandered around the quiet corners of town in the early morning, peeking through half-closed shutters and walking along little back lanes. Chinatown is serene in the morning. Quiet and placid, we saw street vendors leisurely setting up their stalls and locals running errands, unperturbed by the hustle and bustle that typically surrounds the larger part of the city.

With just the weekend to spare, we chose to stay in the heart of Chinatown for a change. I flew in 10 hours earlier to do some   wandering of my own, and found myself a little lost in search of our hotel. My taxi driver, as clueless as I was, had to make countless loops in Yaowarat to find the exact street our hotel was situated on. Restless, I agreed to get dropped off as close-by as possible and fortunately found someone kind enough to show me where our hotel was. A kind lady left her shop unattended and walked with me right up to the adjacent street where I finally caught the sight of our hotel’s hazy signboard – very thankful, I was! By dinnertime, Kenneth arrived and we headed to Thonglor, stopping by quaint dessert shops after dinner before we finally called it a night. After a slow breakfast the day after and an entire morning spent at Chatuchak, we found ourselves packing up for home. A longer visit next time, for sure!

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We stayed in the Mu Dan Suite at the Shanghai Mansion Hotel in Yaowarat, Chinatown

If you’ve been here, what did you like most about this city? 

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