Baby Ry at 14 weeks As I write this post, Ry is turning six months in a few days and I’m slowly planning out his new feeding schedule while trying to put him down for his second nap of the day. He fights his sleep quite often, and reminds me so much of myself sometimes!

We love taking him for daily walks in the evening as the day cools – stopping under tall, leafy trees, allowing him to admire their silhouettes outlined against the pale blue sky. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we see flocks of Egrets in flight overhead – a sight that always leaves a smile on my face.

Baby Ry at 14 weeks www.passageblue.comBaby Ry at 14 weeks www.passageblue.comBaby Ry at 14 weeks



© www.passageblue.comIt’s been well over three months since Ry came into our lives. Time stood still as I held him in my arms for the first time; our eyes locked and in that brief moment, nothing else mattered. Giving birth is as humbling as it is empowering, and I know that there aren’t many moments in life when one experiences both these emotions at once.

After five hours of labor, our son was born in water at 2.38am. It was the 9th of October. I traced the gentle creases on his forehead with my finger and examined his features like little parts of a puzzle. I watched him burst into little smiles and counted every yawn, as I held him close and nursed him well into the night.

His coming into our lives meant that we had less time for ourselves but more time together as a family. It meant that we had to give up some parts of our old lifestyle in order to make way for new habits and traditions. Watching him grow has been such a rewarding experience and we can’t wait to take him with us on our travels!