Passage Blue in Mount Kinabalu

The morning sun casted a white glow over the treetops as we began our journey through the gorgeous Mesilau plateau, located on the East Ridge of Mount Kinabalu. Tangled tree roots traced our path as we climbed past towering trees and little waterfalls before reaching the Kipuyut Bridge, a suspension bridge across the West Mesilau river.

The trail was long and arduous, but the view made up for everything. We watched the forest unfold into an entirely new world as bright green patches of moss blanketed the rocks and fallen branches along our path. Trees grew stunted past 6,000 feet as the   terrain transformed into a shorter landscape of oak and chestnut trees. Breathtaking yet opted by few, the Mesilau trail is less     trodden by climbers for one reason; the additional 2 kilometers along this upward and downward route makes the climb fairly         demanding for the unseasoned climber. There is no adventure without a little struggle though, and I knew we had to work for our view.

Passage Blue in Mount Passage Blue in Mount Kinabalu Passage Blue in Mount Kinabalu Passage Blue in Mount Kinabalu Passage Blue in Mount Kinabalu Passage Blue in Mount Kinabalu Passage Blue in Mount KinabaluPassage Blue in Mount Mt KinabaluAfter 5.7 kilometeres of continuous trekking and a little scrambling, we arrived at the Layang-Layang shelter where the two trails converged into one steep climb up towards Laban Rata. Our climb up the unpaved path and uneven rocks seemed endless at one point, and we began to lose our breath. We nudged each other on and took comfort in each other’s company as the mist rolled in   before dark. It turned out to be a blessing that we had lost track of time – watching the clouds roll in behind us at sunset was truly the pinnacle of our climb.

View Laban Rata at sunset and scenes from the summit.

We climbed in.. April, the best weather: sunny skies and minimal rain.

The climb takes.. Two days & one night, though it is possible to lengthen or shorten the duration of your climb.

Stay in.. the Gunting Lagadan Hut instead of Laban Rata. It is approximately 50 kilometers above the Laban Rata rest house where you'll have breakfast, but you'll be sure to get better sleep at night as this rest house is smaller, less crowded and therefore quieter.

Gear we found most useful.. My Platypus hydration pack made keeping hydrated efforless and quick. Knee guards were also useful during our descent.

Gear we found least useful.. Hiking poles, which slowed us down and made us more tired overall. We did not use them at all during our second climb up Mount Kinabalu.

Best views: Sunrise towards the summit, but also sunset before you arrive at Laban Rata.